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Sellenriek Fuels

Listed are a few of the Products we offer –
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Along with our fine line of lubricants, we offer Chevron, Sieveking, Schaeffer, Venon and Brad Penn. Race fuel we offer Sunoco and VP Race Fuels. We also offer lube tanks and equipment. Our service department is second to none. If you have a problem we will fix it.

Retail and Bulk

Premium Highway Diesel Premium Off Road Diesel Unleaded Gasoline
Premium Gasoline Kerosene Methanol
110, 112, 114 Race Gasoline Sieveking ATF Sieveking Dextron III
RANDO HYD 100W Sieveking HYD AW68 Sieveking HYD AW48
Sieveking HYD AW32 RANDO HYD 32W Chevron Drive Train HYD 30W
URSA HYD 10W Chevron Drive Train HYD 10W Sieveking Synthetic 5W20
Sieveking 15W40 Chevron DELO LE 15W40 URSA Super 15W40
Schaeffers Supreme 7000 15W40 Chevron 5W30 Chevron Supreme 5W20
Anti-Freeze and more Venom Oil All HYD Fluids
Tractor Hydraulic Fluids All Greases  

Other Products

1:1 Transfer Pump Bung Wrench Lincoln 400# Grease Pump
10 Quart Measurer-2 Car Wash Soap 100lb. Lincoln 50:1
120# Keg Drum Cradle Measure w/Flex Spout
2 1/2 Gallon Jug Empty 120 Pound Drum Meter
2 Quart Measure Empty 5 Gallon Bucket No Nylon Pump w/Out Hose-55
5 Quart Measurer-2 Empty 5 Gal. Bucket w/Lid Oil Meter
50:1 Lincoln 120# Pump Empty 55 Gallon Drum Optisorb (Floor Dry)
Air Brake Cond. QT Follower Plate For 1213 Pistol Style Grease Gun
Airline Antifreeze Follower Plate For 400# D Plastic Rotary Hand Pump
Barrel Pump w/out Hose Fuel Pump (Piston for Drum) Power Steering-12
Barrel Pump (Metal) Funnel 10 x 7 Red Funnel 10x7
Barrel Pump-Plastic 360 Gate Valve Rotary Hand Pump
Brake Fluid Gear Oil Pump Rotary Hand Pump 15-55g
Brake Klean Gear Oil Pump For 5 Gal Spoke Drum Wrench
Bung Faucet Brass 2" Grease Gun Lever Action Sta Dri
Bung Faucet Brass 3/4" Grease Gun Pistol Grip-10 Starting Fluid-12
Bung Faucet Plastic 2" Hand Control Valve Sy-Cool
Bung Faucet Plastic 3/4" Heet Wash-N-Kleen
  Injector Cleaner-12 W-D 40
    Zee Matic Grease Gun

Lube Tanks and Equipments

Call (636) 677-4355

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